4 Tips to Deal With False Allegations


False allegations come from the standard “playbook” of a cover narcissist abusive ex. When you are a target of this type of smear campaign it can be very devastating and leave you feeling broken and defeated. In this video I discuss 4 key tips to help you cope with the allegations and to protect yourself going forward.
– Remember you are not alone and this is an unfortunate tactic that many people, both men and women, have endured
– Do not allow yourself to be alone with this individual. They have already demonstrated a willingness to take any conversation or interaction and use it against you. Do not provide them the opportunity and narcissistic supply they are looking for
– Limit your communications! If you have an attorney drive *all* communication through them. I know it can be expensive but if the narcissistic abusive ex has already demonstrated they are not willing to communicate or negotiate then use your attorney. If you must communicate with them do it through email and text.
– Accept the face you are seeing and dealing with the *real person*. This is the individual they have always been but when you were in a relationship they kept the mask up to manipulate you. The mask is gone and now the monster is in full view – except only with you.

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