Discrimination as a male massage therapist

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Sexism in Canada – Challenging Sexist Legislation & Discrimination

In this episode of Sunday Tea with CAFE, Geoff and Sammy talk with Charlie, a father who has encountered institutionalized sexism and discrimination first hand. We are referring to Section 122.6 of the Income Tax Act, as well as related policies and procedures which blatantly treat men as less human and less relevant to family […]

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liberals support false accusations

How Liberals Support False Accusations

How Liberals Support False Accusations Here’s how the liberals support false accusations. Trudeau’s Liberal Feminist organization (a feminist dictatorship, not a government) has REMOVED the presumption of innocence in Canada to support false accusations. HOW? By voting to make #BillC51 & #BillC75 into law. FIRST – The Liberals banned all Preliminary hearings as of Sept […]

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