New Canada Drunk Driving Law

New Canada Drunk Driving Law Encourages False Accusations

New Canada Drunk Driving Law
New Canada Drunk Driving Law

This post is in no way supporting drunk/high driving.
But it is to make you aware of how unsafe YOU as a Canadian really are under the new Canada drunk driving law.

There’s a new Canada drunk driving law now that has made it legal for police to come to your home and demand a breathalyzer test (alcohol/drugs) based on a “reported sighting”.

Why should you care?

Because this new Canada drunk driving law encourages false accusations and allows anyone to make a police report accusing you of driving drunk and possibly ruin your life.


Say you’re driving home from work and once home you have a couple beer, a glass of wine or smoke.

Your disgruntled neighbor, co-worker or ex knows your schedule and makes up a story that you were driving drunk.

The police come and check your car. The engine’s warm.
They knock on your door and ask to come in.
You have no idea what’s going on so you allow them to enter. 
Then they ask you to take a breathalyzer, 
You tell them you just had a drink or 2 when you got home so
you agree…. and then, even though you’re innocent, you’re charged with DUI.

You can plead innocent all you want but under this new Canada drunk driving law, you will be arrested and charged and now your life is fucked. 
(lawyers fee$$$$$, reputation, career, court costs, etc)

Don’t think it can happen to you??
I’ve already seen online reports of this happening across Canada.
No-one is safe from this.

This blatant abuse of power “for the public good” started with family court, then domestic and sexual assault laws and now this.

It’s not just that the police can do this to you.

It’s the fact that the police will act on this new Canada drunk driving law solely based on someone’s word alone without any evidence of proof whatsoever.

And once you are arrested, it will be then up to you to prove your innocence.

Whatever you do, IF this happens to you,
1/ never admit to drinking anything 
2/ never answer any questions 
3/ demand to see a warrant
4/ and never let police into your house unless they can produce one.
5/ And NEVER let someone borrow your vehicle. You are responsible for anything they do while in possession of it.

This is another example of how our great country of Canada and the freedoms we used to take for granted are now being threatened at every turn.

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