False Accusations Against BTS. The Truth

False Accusation Videos

JTBC’s news program stated that BTS is considering taking legal action against BigHit regarding some profit sharing issues.

As it turned out, this is not true.
BigHit denied JTBC’s claims and demanded an apology.
After reading the news report, the agency confirmed the facts with all the BTS members and their parents.
BigHit announced:
“After reading the reports, we proceeded to confirm with the BTS members and their parents.
It was revealed that the parents visited a law firm located in Kangbuk 2 months ago to aske about some issues regarding the exclusive content (video content business related information). Their visit did not proceed any further, and the law firm also did not formally give them legal advice.”

BigHit advised BTS and their parents to seek legal advice when it came to their relationship with the agency and also said that:
“In accordance with this, our agency and BTS have an important partner relationship, and we recognize that disagreements can occur at any time. We are resolving any and all issues through active discussions and will continue to do so regardless of the level of seriousness”

The agency also said that BTS and BigHit see each other as equal partners and the new contract is the best in the whole industry:
“As for the contract renewal last year, out agency and BTS recognized each other as equal partners. Knowing that BTS’s value was increasing at an astronomical rate, we knew that the contract renewal can not be a simple process. BTS and we held a lengthy discussion about the contract renewal and came up with the best contract in the whole industry.

BigHit stated that JTBC did not confirm the facts, exaggerated the information, entered restricted sections of the agency’s building without permission and took unauthorized videos.

“JTBC did not confirm the facts before releasing their reports, but instead exaggerated the information.
Not only did they link our agency to unrelated events, they showed reporting methods that questioned if they were a company that emphasized the correct standards of journalism.
They coma to out agency without notice and began to question us one-sidedly without giving us any background explanation. No one is allowed inside specific parts of out agency building without authorization, but they came into our building without permission and filmed footages of the inside to use in their reports. They must have recognized it could be problematic, so they deleted the part where they secretly filmed out building before uploading it online.”

Proof that BTS and BigHit are not in bad terms is RM’s speech that he held at Variety’s recent event were BTS got the “group of the year” award.
In his speech he said:
“Even though we’re here to receive this award from very far away, none of this would have been possible without the effort of Mr. Bang and all the producers and all the staff from our label.”

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/jtbc-reports-bts-considering-lawsuit-big-hit-entertainment-profit-sharing/

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