Falsely Accused of Rape

Almost No One Is Falsely Accused of Rape – BULLSHIT

Feminist Media

Here is another example of the media’s feminist agenda.

This article about being falsely accused of rape comes from a website called The Cut which is targeted to a female demographic.

The majority of their website content consists of important women’s issues like how many dogs popstar Ariana Grande has and the latest mean girl tweets between rappers Cardi B. and Nikki Minaj.

Writer, Katie Heaney jumps on the “false accusations don’t happen” bandwagon to further extoll the notion that false rape accusations rarely, if ever occur.

Keaney, like all other #MeToo supporters, trots out the overused statistic that claim a very small percentage of sexual accusations are actually false.

She cites the findings of two women “experts”, Joanne Belknap, a sociologist, criminologist, and professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, and Sandra Newman, a novelist with extensive research expertise in false rape allegations.

While both sources are seemingly credible people, they also support their research on the idea that false accusations only happen when the accuser admits to making them. The women also revert to the narrative of “why would anyone want to make accusations up?

This argument is used consistantly by the #BelieveWomen movement to assume any rational person would ask the same thing. The reality though is… people do horrible things all the time and only the accusers really know why.

As in any “truth about false accusations” articles, this fact always is ignored.

Keaney starts off her article with an honorable mention about the depths of personal devastation that the accused endures but then never gives it another thought in the entire article. This is another point that is never addressed when anyone writes about false rape accusations.

She then goes on to compare falsely accused murderers with falsely accused rapists citing that more people are falsely incarcerated for murder than rape. This seems to be done to lead the masses to assume false accusations are even more unbeleivable.

And of course, Keaney wraps up the article by bringing in the Brett Kavanuagh, Dr Ford sexual assault accusation case. In the article’s summation, the narrative is made to seem like even though he was voted in, he still must be guilty of something.

Finally, to wrap up this pro-feminist piece, The Cut’s female readers are left with the image that “Men who have an “irrational fear of being falsely accused of rape,” are aware that they — or men they know, and love, and respect — are guilty of such things, and are operating on that ingrained guilt.”

In other words, all men are either rapists or know one who is.

Once again, more #MeToo, #BelieveWomen false accusation brainwashing.

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ps: You can read the entire article below.

Excerpt from

Almost No One Is Falsely Accused of Rape

Katie Heaney

Chuck Grassley and Orrin Hatch listen to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during Senate hearings. Photo: Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call,Inc. Much mention has been made recently (mostly by men) of false rape accusations, and how frequently they occur. During Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony last week, several senators apologized for the damage […]

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