liberals support false accusations

How Liberals Support False Accusations

Canada False Accusers Feminist Government

How Liberals Support False Accusations

liberals support false accusations
How The Liberals Support False Accusations

Here’s how the liberals support false accusations.

Trudeau’s Liberal Feminist organization (a feminist dictatorship, not a government) has REMOVED the presumption of innocence in Canada to support false accusations.

HOW? By voting to make #BillC51 & #BillC75 into law.

FIRST – The Liberals banned all Preliminary hearings as of Sept 19,2019 from the judicial process.


It means that if you or a loved one is accused of any crime other than murder, you AUTOMATICALLY go to trial without any investigation of said accusations which can reveal false accusations.


They claim it “re-victimizes” the “victims”.

BUT an ‘accusation” is exactly that… an accusation. Up until there is actually a conviction (which still does not prove a crime has been committed especially if there are no witnesses or evidence), an accusation comes from an “ACCUSER”, not a “victim”.

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Banning Preliminary Hearings

By banning preliminary hearings that reveal false accusers, this removes all presumption of innocence.


Because the investigators, crown, and government ARE TRAINED to no longer investigate any accusation. They presume guilt, arrest the person (which destroys their life) and then tell them (99% of accused are male) to figure it out in court.

This means it’s now up to the accused to prove their innocence which is now next to impossible thanks to Trudeau’s liberal feminist government “fix” as well.


Read on…

SECOND – The Liberals banned the presentation of any evidence that an accused person has to defend himself from being presented in court!!


They claim any evidence an accused has to defend himself is an “invasion of the accuser’s privacy”


#NoManIsSafe in Canada.

You may not think this applies to you BUT IT DOES. It’s not a matter of if you are accused, but sooner or later it will affect someone you know and love. (friend, uncle, cousin, brother, father, son).

False Accusations Are Quickly Becoming A National Sport

It’s the perfect way to destroy someone in family court, divorce court and criminal court without repercussion (no accuser is ever charged for lying).


Because #MeToo / #BelieveWomen training is now mandatory in the #CanadianInJusticeSystem.

Investigators, Prosecutors, and Judges are now being told and trained to ignore any evidence of contradictions or lying from accusers and proceed with arrests and convictions.

In other words, false accusers, and false accusations are now supported by government law.

Many innocent men will be jailed in the name of feminism man-hate.


The Green, NDP & PPC parties are all feminist organizations too which support this madness.

Vote conservative and help restore sanity back into Canada.

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