I am Innocent. I Was Falsely Accused. How Can I Prove This?

What To Do If Falsely Accused

Unfortunately, even in our system of checks and balances, police and prosecutors do make mistakes.  Prosecutors will occasionally prosecute a case that relies on a witness who lied, exaggerated or fabricated his or her claim.  You may think that once a prosecutor has filed the case, your situation is hopeless given the awesome power of the government at it’s disposal.  However, nothing can be further from the truth.  A seasoned and aggressive criminal defense attorney can help defeat your charges and to utterly destroy the credibility of the accusing party.  On a side note, you may even be able to seek separate, civil action against the complaining party if you are acquitted of your charge, and you may be able to recover substantial money damages against the lying witness.  Back to the criminal case, your attorney can enlist the help of an investigator to uncover the witness’ deceitful statements and representations, thereby helping you reveal to the prosecutor and, if the case goes to trial, to a jury of your peers that the witness is a liar and conjured up the facts that led to your arrest.  As a criminal defense lawyer, this is one of the most satisfying aspects of my career, to vindicate the rights of my clients, to unmask the accuser as liar, to help innocent men and women go free, and to help see to it that the light of truth prevails in the halls of justice.

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