Jian Ghomeshi: The collusion to destroy his life

Champions of Truth

Lucy DeCoutere is not the face of victims she is the face of false accusers. Everyone wants to know how they got fooled.

The original Toronto Star article:

The timeline of early events:
Timeline: Jian Ghomeshi sex assault scandal

Article about Ghomeshi’s lawyer, Marie Henein:

Marie Henein, the lawyer who plans to keep Jian Ghomeshi out of prison

Lucy DeCoutere becomes the leader of the accusers:

emails presented in court between Jian and Lucy:

Leah McLaren rewriting history about Jian:

The Cult of Jian: His life as an outcast, who’s standing by him, and why he’s sure he’ll walk

The article, later deleted, by someone wanting the narrative to stick:

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