John The Other and Diana Davison vs Paul Elam and Janet Bloomfield

Champions of Truth

John The Other and Diana Davison, a couple that was formally working with AVFM, have been banned from AVFM. They gave their side of the story, which essentially is they took issue with AVFM’s support of traditionalism, and Janet Bloomfield (AKA Judgy Bitch) being a traditionalist and entrusted as AVFM media director. Paul Elam decided to respond by telling his side of the story. I will be responding to both of their videos.

John The Other’s video:

Paul Elam’s response to John:

Diana Davisons’s channel (Feminism LoL)

Diana Davison Gothic Girl video:

And might as well toss out my Clover Field video. Clover Field was a completely goofy feminist boardering on the Femitheist level of nutz. I took her video of her burning a razer, and added effects and a music video, and added text to make a statement about patriarchy. I did this to show off my promotional skillz. I wanted to be her manager. I need a pet loony feminist, a freak on a leash to manage, a sort of Darth Vader and Dark Emperor relationship. She wouldn’t let me manage her, but the video continues to bad-ass anyway (I fixed the link)

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