the First Rule of Surviving False Accusations

What To Do If Falsely Accused

Rule 1: cut off contact with your false accuser.
Rule 2 : cut off contact with your false accuser
Rule 3 : Don’t apologise
Rule 4: Cut off contact with your accuser’s collaborators
Rule 5: Measure your friends, and relatives (those who don’t have your back have got to go)
Rule 6: f the accusation was precipitated by a known event – such as a fight, or a break up. Get a written statement from every person who was witness to that event
Rule 7: Write your own factual accounting of that event as well – and keep your opinions out of it.
Rule 8: write a complete and linear accounting of your accuser’s story. (this is the hardest and most painful step)
Rule 9: Buy a new phone (with a new number and sim card)
Rule 10: keep your sleep, eating and activities as close to your existing routine as you can – so you don’t fall off the grid of your life, and slip into suicidal impulses.

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