What can I do if a colleague makes false allegations against me?

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What can you do if a colleague makes false allegations against me?

Remziye Ozcan, a specialist employment solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers, explains the steps that you should take in the event that a colleague raises a false allegation against you.

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If you find that a colleague has made false or malicious allegations about you at work it can be a very stressful time, so the first thing to do is work out exactly what’s been said and get full details of what’s happened so that you can start preparing your response and your defence to those complaints.

At this point if it’s very obviously false or very obviously malicious in terms of significant inconsistencies in something that’s happened at work it’s really important to check if there are other people that can verify what your position is and what your story is compared to your colleague’s.

At that point you may wish to raise a grievance yourself against that colleague for the way they are treating you and the way that they’re making false allegations about you. You might want to consider raising a grievance against your employer if you feel the way that they’ve handled the grievance against you is unfair or unreasonable or if you’ve actually got any concerns about any particular discriminatory treatment of you and any suspicious underlying reasons about the grievance being brought against you in the first place. At that point you can raise your own grievance both against the individual and also against your employer.

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