Sexism in Canada – Challenging Sexist Legislation & Discrimination


In this episode of Sunday Tea with CAFE, Geoff and Sammy talk with Charlie, a father who has encountered institutionalized sexism and discrimination first hand. We are referring to Section 122.6 of the Income Tax Act, as well as related policies and procedures which blatantly treat men as less human and less relevant to family life.
We want to challenge this sexism, but we don’t yet know what we are up against.
Do you remember those backward, barbaric, old fashioned ideas, like the idea that a responsible government should never ever trust a man to manage money or children, or the idea that the father’s role in the family should be drastically restricted to ATM machine + sperm bank, or the idea that an ideal woman should need a man just like a fish needs a bicycle?
Or how about the Radical Marxist-Feminist notion that women should be primarily responsible for child rearing and that men should go out and earn money, since working for money is “oppression”, and raising your own children is “empowering”, and because obviously, no person would choose to sacrifice their health, comfort, and well being, just to raise money, if they had the option to spend their time shopping, cooking, and raising their own children.
Speaking of Upside-Down & Backwards…
In truth, we don’t know if there is any rationale behind this discrimination, and we don’t know why it persists until today, but we do know that it is wrong, harmful, and potentially illegal.

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