Defending Against Bogus Allegations of Domestic Violence in Divorce – Brad Micklin

What To Do If Falsely Accused

Men often face false allegations of domestic violence by their ex-spouse to obtain an advantage in divorce or child custody proceedings. Such allegations put your privacy, reputation, and security at stake. Your ex-spouse can obtain a temporary restraining order against you, leaving you to fend for yourself.
In these trying times, it is important to vigorously defend against false accusations, to avoid losing civil or parental rights. I talk about the subject in greater detail in this webinar.

Watch to learn more about:

• How men can challenge false allegations of physical or emotional abuse
• How New Jersey courts handle bogus allegations of abuse in divorce
• What complexities surround domestic violence cases and how to deal with them
• What men can do to prevent their civil and parental rights from being impacted
• Steps to take when you have been falsely accused of domestic abuse

This is a crucial subject, make sure you are well-informed. Watch this webinar and get all your questions answered.

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