How to Protect Yourself from Sexual Harassment allegations?

What To Do If Falsely Accused

Check out the full course at Learn how to protect yourself from sexual harassment allegations by ensuring equal interactions between you and other people, respecting personal space and asking when in doubt. Also, find out how you can prevent becoming a victim of sexual harassment yourself by exhibiting confidence and speaking up for yourself and others.

Course Lessons:

Defining Sexual Harassment
What is Sexual Harassment?
Sexual Harassment Facts and Statistics
Legal Aspects of Sexual Harassment
Federal Laws
Fair Workplace and Improving Company Culture
Recognizing Sexual Harassment Behaviors
Sexual Misconduct
Sexual Harassment
Quid Pro Quo
Sexual Assault
Hostile Work Environment
Employer’s Obligations
Employer’s Obligation
Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy
Employee’s Employment Rights
Responding to Sexual Harassment
Filing a Complaint
Management Responsibilities
Documentation and Recordkeeping
What to Expect After Filing a Complaint
When an Employer is Liable
What Is Retaliation?
Protected Activities
How to Protect Yourself
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